Sunday, 30 September 2012

Overclock Your Galaxy Y To 900mhz or 1Ghz

Today I'ill Gonna show you how to Overlock your galaxy y to 900mhz.

Its very easy.  We can easily overlock it to 1ghz but it will overheat and maybe brick your phone. Its better to overlock it to 900mhz.

It will increase gaming experience + give u no lag in some laggy games like GTA 3 / Asphat 5-7 / gangstar 2. 

Now you have to do is
Download this zip file : Link

Now place it in sd card not in any folder

Than turn off your phone

Go in recovery mode.

apply update from sd card choose the file and press home button

Then reboot.

Now install this Apk : Link

Install and open it    : Link
then apply From 832 - 900mhz. 

Thats Its !

Any questions just comment

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